#19: Strings – Bussing Around

It’s all about how issues and individuals string our communities together in surprising ways. Podcast producers Kevin Beasley and Ann Powers take the show on the road starting out in U.S. District Court and sitting down with Judge John V. Acosta’s, which leads them to a ridealong with a Trimet bus operator and ultimately lands them in a psychologist’s office speaking with Dr. Elisa Rudd. 

So, how are these three unique professionals strung together? From the importance of being heard to unlikely safe spaces for those in need, and introducing mental health issues into everyday narratives – listen and find out how these connect to each other.

We’d love to hear your thoughts as well.  Please submit your comments and suggestions on other strings you know of or how we can make this series the best it can be. 

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#18: Amanda Ripley – Adding Complexity to the Stories We Tell

Last summer, bestselling author and Atlantic magazine contributor Amanda Ripley published an essay, Complicating the Narratives, exploring what journalists could learn from mediators, lawyers, rabbis, and others “who know how to disrupt toxic narratives and get people to reveal deeper truths.” Ripley revealed how she discovered her own shortcomings as a journalist and called on reporters to change how they conduct interviews and cover conflict — in order to do a better job listening and being heard in the current age of outrage. The essay went viral online and was translated into multiple languages.

This episode captures a presentation Amanda did at the University of Oregon’s Agora Journalism Center as well as a conversation with Agora’s director Regina Lawrence. 

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